👋 Hey, welcome!

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So, let's introduce ourselves :
Racines is an ongoing project co-created by:
Franck🚲🎺, Magalie🌷🌱, Kévin🌳🌻, Amélia📖🍲, Koeko 🤹‍♂️🌿 et Quentin✏🛠.
We are at the very beginning, and everything is still to be done.

We have defined the basics of our project. You can read (in French):
Racines v1

For now we:
  • 🌟 gather our values
  • 🛋️ think about common life
  • 🧩 reflect about integrations
  • 🎨 define our activities
  • 🌍 looks for a place (final or transitional)
  • 💬 plans our means of communication
  • 📜 finds out about the administrative plan, two groups already on association and property management company creation
  • 🎉 lives and we have fun too
Land Search
And by the way, did we tell you? We're looking for a land of 7 hectares, in Ariège, with a house, forest and water. If you hear about a place like that, contact us.
You want to contact us? Here is our mail: bonjour@racines.page You can also subscribe to our newsletter.